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Palestinian issue nowhere to be found in Israel’s election

What impact does Israel elections have on the people of Palestine?
By Elphas Nkosi

Hamas’ aspiration is to free the Palestinian people and pave the way for their self-determination, a member of the group’s Office of International Relations speaking to Markaz Sahaba Online Radio.

In response to repeated questions about the movement’s views on the Israeli elections which are due to be held on April 9, Basem Naim said Hamas does not comment on them because “there is no difference between the Israeli right and left”.

“Many international media asking us about our opinion towards the #IsraelElections, or who we prefer to win the #IsraelElections? Our response was always “. Our choice is the #Freedom & Self determination of our people, and not to change the prison guards”. #Elections2019,” he said.


In the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, Netanyahu has engaged in frequent rounds of fighting, but is also conducting behind-the-scenes negotiations with his bitter enemy in hopes of maintaining calm.


He added that the “#Palestinian issue wasn’t entirely part of the debate” during the election, “& if it was only to show how they would deny Palestinian rights & show their brutality in dealing with the #Palestinians.”

Ultimately, the election shows that Israel’s is “a racist democracy, that conceals the true face of a racist & fascist occupation, subjugate another people, occupies its land, and deprives it of its right 2 freedom, independence and a decent life.”

Bassem Naim says they do not expect any change especially in Gaza Strip saying in a charged election campaign that has been heavy on insults and short on substance, Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians has been notably absent from the discourse”.

The Hamas official has called upon all other countries in the world to follow on South African steps to a total boycott of Israel. “I hoped that the downgrading would eventually escalate to a complete boycott of Israel.

“We thank South Africa for the steps it has taken to express its anger at the apartheid policy of the Israeli occupation state.” Said Bassem.

Any party which receives 3.25% or more of the vote is represented in the Knesset. Given historical trends of voter turnout, it is expected that some 4.4 million or so Israelis will take part in this year’s election, meaning that a party must win about 144,000 votes to pass the electoral threshold.

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