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New hope for abducted SA photojournalist Shiraaz Mohammed

Abducted photojournalist Shiraaz Mohammed who disappeared while on assignment in Syria, may be coming home soon.

by Elphas Nkosi


Gift of the Givers founder and chairman Dr Imtiaz Sooliman today shed some light with Markaz Sahaba Online Radio on the disappearance of Mohammed who was kidnapped in Syria in January 2017.

“It took us two years to try to find the right people to make connection with the group [of abductors].

“But now, in the last four weeks or so, the group that took him have appointed someone to talk to us directly in South Africa. We now talk to them directly and they have been pushing for money.”

It is understood the kidnappers initially demanded three million Euros as ransom. However, they dropped their demands after the Gift of the Givers indicated they were not interested in engaging in negotiations for financial gain.

Sooliman further stated: “Last week they called. It sounded like desperation as they said ‘are you guys not prepared to reconsider bringing something?’ And we said ‘no we are not interested, we do not pay ransom’.”

Sooliman was positive that Mohamed would be released unconditionally, adding that “waiting patiently” is an important part of securing his release.




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