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Mufti AK Hoosen denies “blessing political party’s campaign”

According to messages doing the rounds on social media, a politician has allegedly claimed that his party was endorsed by scholar and radio personality, Mufti Abdul Kader Hoosen.

Mufti AK, ameer at Markaz Sahaba Online Radio, says he was contacted by an individual in Cape Town who alleges that Ahmed Munzoor Shaik Emam has claimed that his campaign was blessed by himself.

“I never even heard of him, I don’t know the person,” says Mufti AK Hoosen.

Mufti AK called the move “factually incorrect and cheap politicking”.

“I told them, this is my stance for the past twenty five years, since we are allowed to vote since 1994… we tell people whoever wants to vote, you make istikharah and [if] you don’t vote, there is no sin upon you Islamically.”

“I don’t belong to any party, I don’t endorse any party and I’m actually critical of most politicians because we know what is happening in South Africa,” he clarified.

The revered scholar distanced himself from Mr Munzoor and whoever else is in support with him, saying “I have nothing to do with him, nothing to do with his party”.

Markaz Sahaba Online Staff Reporter.
Feature Image: telegraph.co.uk

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