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welcome to the markaz sahaba online radio podcast gallery.

Below you will find playlists with categories that are dedicated to each presenter and their respective program. Podcasts are uploaded daily.

in order to obtain any recordings of mufti ak hoosen that are not on this website; kindly click on the button below which will redirect you to the website of mufti ak hoosen, wherein you will find a comprehensively indexed and categorised collection of all of mufti saheb's material.


ml. arafaat hattia - as-safinatu ilal jannah

sheikh zakkaria sameer - the drive time

yusuf alli - the breakfast show

Markaz Sahaba Online Radio - Special Shows - Mufti AK Hoosen Lecture Tours

various speakers - daily naseeha

ml. arafaat hattia - the discussion

mufti ak hoosen & ml. arafaat hattia - bliss of marriage

Moulana Abrarulhaq Essack - fiqh for beginners

Markaz Sahaba - This Day in Islamic History

Yusuf Alli - stories of the Sahaba

Ml. Muaaz bhayat - The heart of a Muslim

Elphas Nkosi - The Current Affairs Show

Local Jummuah Khutbah

Technology Watch - Ml Bilal Kathrada - 

Dr Yusuf Vahed - Medical File

Business Matters - Alameen Templeton

Ma Allah - Sheikh Zakaria Sameer

Sheikh Khalid Yacob - Tarweeh un Nufoos

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