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Markaz Sahaba Online Radio releases it’s Ramadaan 1440 Broadcast schedule

Markaz Sahaba Online Radio is preparing to take on it’s second month of Ramadaan since its inception, which was on the 26th Rajab 1439.

The month of Ramadaan is almost upon us. Over the past year the team of Markaz Sahaba Online Radio have worked tirelessly in the upliftment of deen and upholding the truth in defending the belief structure of the Ahlus-Sunnah-Wal-Jama’ah. Under the guidance of renowned scholar Mufti Ak Hoosen, the team is once again prepared for yet another special broadcast for the holy month of Ramadaan. With the likes of Ramadaan Q & A, Live Local Taraweeh, International Taraweeh from Medinatul Munawara, Suhoor, Tafseer and much more, the team is prepared to bring it’s listeners another spiritually boosting broadcast.

The team has released it’s Ramadaan schedule in order for listeners to plan how they can attain maximum benefit during this Holy Month.


The team also asks the listeners for their special duas that Allah (SWT) use us to uplift his deen.

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