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Israel occupation to demolish Palestine school in West Bank

An Israeli court ruled to demolish a newly-constructed Palestinian school located in the centre of the West Bank.

Anadolu Agency quoted anti-settlement activist Abdullah Abu Rahma stating that the Jerusalem District Court on Wednesday rejected the injunctive relief submitted in favour of the Ras El-Teen School in eastern Ramallah.

Abu Rahma added that some 50 children of various ages were already enrolled at the school, which was recently built and is run by the Palestinian Ministry of Education.

He confirmed that many activists have started to gather at the school to stage a sit-in, in an attempt to prevent the authorities from tearing down the structure.

The activist explained that lawyers are trying to file a petition again the demolition order.

The school is located in an area of the occupied West Bank classified as Area C, which is subject to full Israeli control under the Oslo II Accord of 1995, signed in Taba, Egypt.

According to official Palestinian estimates, the Israeli occupation has demolished more than 500 Palestinian structures since the beginning of this year.

Source: MEMO
Image: Issam Rimawi

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