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Who will arrest Bibi; who won’t – ICC roses and stinkblaar

Muhammad Amin

A growing number of countries are awakening to the reality that, as signatories to the International Criminal Court convention, they will have to arrest “israel’s” wanted leaders if they ever visit.

While the US is furiously concocting ways to sanction the court – moves the ICC has warned could contravene international law – an expanding list of US allies have signalled they will respect the arrest warrants against “israeli” prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and its defence minister Yoav Gallant.

Countries where the genocidal duo can expect a jail cell include:

*Germany, where Justice Minister Marco Buschmann has said anyone violating international law must be held accountable;

*Ireland, where Foreign Minister Micheal Martin has stressed the court’s impartiality and condemned threats against the ICC and its officials;

*France, whose Foreign Ministry has says it will fight putative claims to immunity from prosecution;

*Spain, that has reiterated its commitment to ICC independence and its right to act without interference;

*Switzerland, that has noted in an address to the UN the court must be supported and its independence respected;

*Denmark, whose Foreign Minister has highlighted the need to respect the court’s independence;

*Norway, where Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide say the warrants will be respected if the duo ever visits;

*Australia, whose foreign ministry has expressed respect for the ICC;

*Canada, that has affirmed ICC independence, saying its “closely monitoring the process”;

*Chile, that has called on all states to cooperate with the investigation;

*Belgium, where Foreign Minister Hadja Lahbib says the arrest warrants are a positive step, emphasising the Gaza crimes must be prosecuted at the highest level;

*Slovenia, whose foreign ministry has expressed satisfaction with the progress of the ICC’s investigation;

*South Africa, that has responded positively and is leading the charge at the ICJ;

*Colombia, where President Gustavo Petro who described the warrants as “a step in the right direction”;

*Maldives, where President Mohamed Muizzu says those responsible for war crimes in Gaza must be held responsible;

*Oman, that has welcomed the arrest warrants; and

*Jordan, that has stressed the need to respect the ICC’s efforts;

Genocide denialist countries include:

*The USA, where president Joe Biden’s administration is supporting efforts to sanction the court;

*“israel”, that has said “no power on Earth” will stop its genocide;

*The UK, where prime minister Rishi Sunak has described the warrants as “not helpful”;

*Austria, where Chancellor Karl Nehammer has described the warrants for “israeli” leaders as “incomprehensible”;

*Czech Republic, that described the warrants as “horrific and absolutely unacceptable”;

*Hungary, where Prime Minister Victor Orban called the warrants “ridiculous and unacceptable”; and

*Paraguay, that has criticised the arrest warrants for Netanyahu and Gallant.

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