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‘israel’ lied about Hamas GBV on October 7 – AP (updated)

Muhammad Amin

“israel” lied about and exaggerated rape and sexual assaults on October 7 during the Al Aqsa Flood retaliation, Associated Press has found.

In particular, it fabricated claims of resistance warriors assaulting “israeli” women at the site of the music festival to bolster international support for its genocide.

“Israel’s” allegations relied on testimonies by members of ZAKA, an “israeli” group that collects body parts of “israelis” at violent incidents to ensure the buried according to Jewish custom.

Zaka submitted a report to the UN filled with false rape accusations about October 7, Associated Press has found.

It focused its probe on volunteer Chaim Otmazgin’s claims a teenage girl had been violated in a Be’eri kibbutz home that came under attack. He’d found her dead, shot in the head, with her pants pulled down.

It turns out her pants were shifted by “israeli” soldiers who had pulled her body, apparently to check if it was booby trapped, in an earlier house-clearance operation.

Otmazgin immediately presumed she’d been raped and raised the alarm.

He alerted journalists to what he’d seen. He tearfully recounted the details in a nationally televised appearance in the Israeli Parliament. In the frantic hours, days and weeks that followed the Hamas attack, his testimony ricocheted across the world.

“But it turns out that what Otmazgin thought had occurred in the home at the kibbutz hadn’t happened,” Associated Press reports.

It also notes that this doesn’t completely exonerate Hamas.

The United Nations and other organizations have presented credible evidence that Hamas militants committed sexual assault during their rampage.

“The prosecutor for the International Criminal Court, Karim Khan, said Monday he had reason to believe that three key Hamas leaders bore responsibility for “rape and other acts of sexual violence as crimes against humanity.”

“Though the number of assaults is unclear, photo and video from the attack’s aftermath have shown bodies with legs splayed, clothes torn and blood near their genitals.”

But it adds: “Still, it took ZAKA months to acknowledge the accounts were wrong, allowing them to proliferate. And the fallout from the debunked accounts shows how the topic of sexual violence has been used to further political agendas.

Yossi Landau, another ZAKA volunteer, was also working in Be’eri when he entered a home that would produce the second debunked story.

“Landau would recount to global media what he thought he saw: a pregnant woman lying on the floor, her fetus still attached to the umbilical cord wrenched from her body,” AP says.

“Otmazgin was overseeing the other ZAKA workers when he said Landau frantically called him and others into the home. But Otmazgin did not see what Landau described. Instead, he saw the body of a heavy-set woman and an unidentifiable hunk a(of flesh) ttached to an electric cable. Everything was charred.

“Otmazgin said he told Landau that his interpretation was wrong — this wasn’t a pregnant woman. Still, Landau believed his version, went on to tell the story to journalists and was cited in outlets around the world.

“Landau, along with other first responders, also told journalists he had seen beheaded children and babies. No convincing evidence had been publicised to back up that claim, and it was debunked by Haaretz and other major international media outlets,” AP says.

“israel” has accused the international community of ignoring or playing down evidence of sexual violence claims, alleging anti-Israel bias, AP notes.

“In turn, some of Israel’s critics have seized on the ZAKA accounts, along with others shown to be untrue, to allege that the Israeli government has distorted the facts to prosecute a war — one in which more than 35,000 Palestinians have been killed, many of them women and children, according to Gaza health officials.

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