Biden stands by long White House tradition of enabling ‘israeli’ genocide

Alameen Templeton

US president Joe “Genocide” Biden remains determined to hold Gaza’s starving civilians hostage, without any right to self-defence, for as long as it takes for “israel” to execute its holocaust in the pulverised concentration camp.

He made that much clear during a mumbled White House speech Tuesday that was littered with holocaust denialism and murderous intent. “What’s happening is not genocide. We reject that,” Biden said, surrounded by reporters in the Rose Garden.

The smell of death is easy to ignore when you’re surrounded by roses.

The reporters rushed off to dutifully report Biden “sought to reassure Jewish voters that he stands firmly with Israel, calling for the full defeat of Hamas and denouncing the International Criminal Court’s assertion that Israel’s leaders are guilty of war crimes”, as per Politico today.

Biden’s criticisms 10 days ago of “israel’s” Rafah assault were forgotten. They may have been forgotten the very next day, because that’s when he approved the release of nearly $1billion of deadly weapons to “israel”.

But they remained forgotten in the midst of Rose Garden ambience Tuesday.

“I will always ensure Israel has everything it needs to defend itself against Hamas and all their enemies,” said Biden, adding: “We stand with Israel to take out [Hamas leader Yahya] Sinwar and the rest of the butchers of Hamas. We want Hamas defeated; we will work with Israel to make that happen.”

Biden is walking a line dripping with blood as “israel” routinely ignores his warnings of “red lines” and the Gazans continue dying amidst rank brutality in ways that inconveniently conform to all the legal definitions of “genocide”.

Former ICC prosecutor Francis Boyle, who successfully prosecuted the Srebrenica genocide before the court, has asked why that tragedy which wiped out 7 000 Muslim men as the UN stood by and watched is a genocide and Gaza is not.

If the 7,000 Bosnians massacred at Srebrenica was genocide, over 40,000 massacred in Gaza must also qualify as genocide,” he told Anadolu news agency last week.

Hamas’s Al Aqsa Flood operation and the ensuing genocide that has followed it would never have happened if the ICC has stood by its obligations in 2009 and had held “israel” accountable for the genocide that unfolded in full view during “operation cast lead”, Boyle said.

US Presidents standing by or enabling “israeli” genocide was nothing new he added.

Let me say this: In 2009, after Operation Cast Lead, there was a genocidal massacre of the Palestinians that then exterminated about 1,500 of them in Gaza with the full approval of the (George W.) Bush junior administration,” he said.

“Since that time, 15 years ago, the ICC has not lifted one finger to help the Palestinians, not one finger (he was interviewed a few days prior to the ICC issuing its latest arrest warrants). And all the death and destruction that has been inflicted on the Palestinians since 2009 is on the head of the ICC.

“If they had started prosecuting the highest-level officials of the Israeli government in 2009, maybe all of this could have been prevented,” Boyle said.

“israeli” and US politicians are presently devising ways to try and sabotage the ICC’s efforts to address the Gaza genocide. Threats that emerged prior to the issuance of the warrants – prompting the court to warn in a statement such attempts to obstruct its work are also illegal under international law – were also routine for the US and “israel”, Boyle said.

“Yes, the Trump administration did threaten the ICC when back in 2010 I filed a complaint with the ICC against George Bush, (Dick) Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, (George) Tenet, many other high-level US officials for their policy of extraordinary rendition against Muslims, Arabs, Asians of colour for crimes against humanity.

“And finally, the previous prosecutor (Fatou) Bensouda, got permission from the ICC to open an investigation into this extraordinary rendition policy by the United States government.

“What happened then is that the Trump administration adopted sanctions against the ICC prosecutor and every one affiliated with it and said they would do the same thing if action was taken against Israel,” Boyle said.

Asked how this could happen, Boyle explained: “I grew up on the south side of Chicago where Al Capone and his gang of hoodlums came from. Zionists are gangsters. They have a gangster mentality and that is what we are seeing at work here. A gangster mentality by Zionists in Israel and in the United States and their fellow travelers to make sure the ICC does absolutely nothing to prevent the Israeli extermination of the Palestinians in Gaza. And as we speak now in the West Bank, as well.

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