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Even the UN is suffering ‘Zionist lies fatigue’

Alameen Templeton

Nazi “israel’s” overblown propaganda about sexual violence and murdered babies on October 7 is experiencing blowback – now, even the UN seems to be wary, or weary, of Tel Aviv’s lies.

Its special representative on sexual violence in conflict, Pramila Patten, last Thursday pulled out at the last moment from briefing a Security Council session about the hostages seized by Hamas during Al Aqsa Flood.

A “diplomatic source” whispered in the Times of Israel’s ear that her withdrawal had nothing to do with scheduling, “hinting move was politically motivated as she faces pressure not to prioritise Israeli abductees”.

The Nazi state and its cheerleading media have gone to great lengths throughout the Gaza genocide to paint “israel” as the victim. Repeating ad nauseum exaggerated lies about that day have become the staple modus operandi for “israel’s” propaganda machine.

But the world has long been suffering from Zionist victim fatigue, and it seems the propaganda’s “key messages” have lost their sting from overuse.

The Security Council is one of the world’s top stages where “israel” has traditionally always been free rein to parade its propaganda without accountability or contradiction.

That’s probably why Patten’s sudden no-show hurts so much.

The Times of israel breathes hysterically today: “The diplomat (probably Gilad Erdan, the Nazi state’s man at the UN) hinted the decision (not to show) was “politically motivated, as her office has faced pressure not to be seen as prioritizing the plight of the Israeli hostages over that of the (2 million) Palestinians caught in the middle of Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza.”

Patten was named as one of three officials who were supposed to brief the council session, titled “Condemning hostage taking in Israel on October 7 as a psychological tool of terrorism”.

Clearly, it was meant to be one of those “key message reinforcement” sessions that keeps US and Zionist propaganda fresh where it’s needed most.

“But in the updated invitations — or “concept notes” — sent out to members on Monday and also obtained by The Times of israel, Patten was no longer listed among the briefers,” The Times wails today.

Pattens office offered no explanation for her absence.

Instead, it stressed she had “repeatedly called for the release of all hostages”.

“The special representative has not wavered in her position or her commitment to always act with the best interest of the hostages and their families in mind – and never to act on this issue based on politics,” her office said in a statement.

“Although regretfully she cannot participate in [Thursday’s] meeting, the special representative supports any process that leads towards the release of the hostages,” it added.

“Organisers” of the briefing session are working furiously to find a replacement, The Times says. It turns out the “organisers” come from the US mission at the council “to raise additional awareness about the issue”.

“US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield has repeatedly criticized the international community for not paying sufficient attention to the plight of the remaining 132 hostages and to the crimes perpetrated by Hamas,” The Times notes with a sniff.

Thomas-Greenfield has remained blind to the obvious genocide that has soaked Gaza’s soil in blood throughout all that time, becoming an iconic symbol of US refusals to acknowledge something the rest of the world can see every day on social media.

Erdan was upset, whining that “Jerusalem had worked extensively behind the scenes in order to hold what will be the first Security Council session focused exclusively on the hostages taken by Hamas. Last month’s meeting also touched on Palestinian suspects held in Israel.”

The US was the main sponsor of the session, eagerly supported by the White World, the “international community” of Albania, Austria,
Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungry, Israel, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Romania, Spain, and the UK.

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