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Even Zionists are tired of ‘israel’

Alameen Templeton

Setters who have fled the land they stole from Lebanon in northern “israel” are so dissatisfied with prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu that they want to create their own country, separate from the Nazi state.

They’re fed up with the economic devastation the conflict with Hezbollah on “israel’s” northern front has wrought on their pockets.

They took the decision after Netanyahu appeared dismissive of their heartfelt desire to return to their stolen homes and farms before the start of the school year in September. Netanyahu retorted: “What would happen if they return a few months after September 1?”

It seems they would return to a different country if they have their way.

The settlers replied with adverts in newspapers inviting bids to establish an alternative seat of government. “The Conflict Zone Forum hereby invites proposals to be submitted to an alternative government in Israel as detailed in the tender documents,” the adverts read.

“The full details of the tender can be found in the evacuated hotels and the accommodation apartments of the displaced throughout the country, with the business owners who collapsed in the north, in the dead tourism areas in the north, and in the offices of the authorities in the north.”

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