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The Settler who Jumped Down a 15m Wall to Escape Death


Jerusalem Post reports: “An Israeli tourist in Brazil died on Tuesday after attempting to escape” 

The false notion of Anti-Semitism is to create guilt and to drive home the superiority of certain individuals when it suits them yet in other occasions they feel above the law.  They are the chosen ones and untouchable.

Allah Ta’alaa aptly describes them in the Quraan Shareef:

“They (˹Some of˺ the Jews) claim: ‘The Fire will not touch us except for a number of days.”

Verse 80, Suratul Baqarah

How apt is the Kalaam of the Sustainer of the universe, Allah Ta’alaa where He Azza wa Jall challenges those who feel they are the chosen ones:

“Say: if the Last Abode near Allah is for you purely, short of all people, then make a wish for death. But they will never wish for it (death) because of what their hands have sent ahead. And Allah is all-aware of the unjust”

Verses 94 & 95, Suratul Baqarah

Further Jerusalem Post reports: “Alma Buhadana, a 24-year-old,  during a trip to the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, after she attempted to escape from a person who she thought was attempting to rob her.”

“Buhadana was traveling with another Israeli in the Santa Teresa neighborhood in the city of Rio.”

JP Post then says:

“According to the Brazilian police, they saw a motorcycle and thought they were being robbed. At that moment, Buhadana jumped over a wall by the roadside to escape and fell about 15 meters.”

Allah Ta’alaa says:

“And you shall surely find them (the Jews), of men the most avid for life — even more than the polytheists. Of them (The Jews), one would love to be aged a thousand years. But it will not remove him from punishment to be so aged. And Allah is watchful of what they do”

Verse 96, Suratul Baqarah

Buhandana, the Israeli settler was filled total fear attempting to run away from death, jumping down 15 meters to escape death. It is not strange with the all the blood on their hands, sleepless nights is the order of their nights. Why not when the sounds of Palestinian babies crying, the smell of innocent Palestinian blood is definite barriers for those who steal and occupy land because they feel so superior!

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