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The Crippling ‘Israel’

About 85 percent of Israelis have little or no trust in the government: Poll

The public opinion poll by Israel’s Yediot Ahronoth media outlet and The Institute for Freedom and Responsibility of Reichman University suggests 85 percent of Israelis have little or no trust in their government.

About 64 percent of Israelis believe their country faces an existential threat, and 65 percent have not been sleeping well since the outbreak of the war, it said.

At least 73 percent of Israelis have grown anxious in the past six months.

Israeli military intelligence got it ‘spectacularly wrong’

Major-Baby Killer Aharon Haliva says in his resignation letter the military’s intelligence division did not live up to the task it was entrusted with. He said we know now there was a major failure of intelligence.

The head of the Israeli military’s intelligence directorate resigned on Monday, the military said, accepting responsibility for the mistakes that led to Hamas’s October 7 attack.

Major General and Baby Killer Aharon Haliva is the first senior official to resign for not being able to stop the attack that startled Israel and the world.

The military said in a statement, “Major General Aharon Haliva, in coordination with the chief of the general staff, has requested to end his position, following his leadership responsibility as the head of the intelligence directorate for the events of October 7.”

“It was decided that MG Aharon Haliva will end his position and retire from the IDF (army), once his successor is appointed in an orderly and professional process,” the statement reads.

Haliva accepted responsibility for his role in not stopping the attack in his resignation letter. “On Saturday, October 7th 2023, Hamas committed a deadly surprise attack against the state of Israel.”

In a copy of the letter the military provided to journalists, Haliva wrote: “The intelligence division under my command did not live up to the task we were entrusted with. I carry that black day with me ever since. Day after day, night after night. I will forever carry with me the terrible pain of the war.”


Ireland calls Israel’s war in Gaza ‘collective punishment’

“We believe that the response has been fully disproportionate and has also been, in our view, a breach of humanitarian law in terms of the destruction of Gaza and also in terms of the killing of civilians, innocent men, women and children,” Ireland’s Foreign Minister Micheal Martin says.

“The population of Gaza has been collectively punished because of the activities of Hamas, that’s not acceptable,” he said ahead of a EU Foreign Affairs Council meeting.

Martin said Ireland and Spain are calling for a review of the EU-Israel Association Agreement, which is based on trade relations with Israel.

Ministers will discuss a proposed Gaza peace plan, the recognition of a Palestinian state, and humanitarian aid issues, he added.


Students at MIT, Emerson and Tufts universities set up protest camps

Students at three prestigious universities in and near the US city of Boston have set up protest camps, demanding that their institutions cut off ties with Israel, according to campaigners.

The universities are the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Emerson and Tufts, the National Students for Justice in Palestine said.

The moves come after students at Columbia University in New York launched a Gaza Solidarity Encampment at their campus. That protest is now in its fifth day. Some 100 students were arrested there on Friday.

US congresswoman slams $14bn for ‘death and destruction’ in Gaza

Delia Ramirez said “history books will write about” how US leaders “lacked the courage and moral clarity to stand up to” Netanyahu.

Ramirez, who represents a district in the state of Illinois, pointed out that Netanyahu had bombed the “safe zone” of Rafah just one day after the US House voted to give $14bn to Israel “in unconditional military funding to Netanyahu’s campaign of death and destruction”.

The congresswoman made the comments in a post on X, in response to reports that 22 people were killed in Rafah on Sunday night, including 18 children.

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