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Isnotreal caught lying again

Alameen Templeton

War criminal Benjamin Netanyahu has admitted he and his war cabinet have been lying all along about planning retaliation to Iran’s Saturday night live missile barrage.

While Netanyahu and British foreign minister David Cameron have been ratcheting up global tensions (and excuses by its allies to give the fake entity more money, weapons and leeway to kill while drumming up public bloodlust) about a pending “devastating” Israeli response, it turns out it’s been all bark and no bite.

The Times of Isnotreal is reporting Netanyahu had admitted that he shelved plans on the same night, following a call to genocide enabler and Oval Office occupant Genocide Joe Biden “immediately after the attack”.

According to the Kan public broadcaster – like most Isnotreal media, it lies continually – the country’s genocidal cabinet had already approved a series of possible responses depending on the scope of the Iranian attack, which were slated to be carried out immediately following the Iranian fusillade early Sunday.

The Biden call changed all that, but that hasn’t stopped Isnotreal from playing its favourite victim card, even threatening nuclear retaliation as a possible response.

So, while the world held its breath, Isnotreal wasted no time pulling allies revolted at its six-genocide back into line.

The missile rattling has achieved to main Isnotreal goals – overcoming resistance to a murderous attack on Rafah and the US congress to fast-track more funding for its genocide machine.

“The response won’t be what was planned any longer; diplomatic sensitivities won out,” Kan broadcaster quoted a “senior source” as saying. “There will be a response, but it seems it will be different from what was planned.”

The report noted belatedly the comments likely pointed to a weaker response than what had been approved.

Kan also quoted unnamed Western diplomats saying that “the understanding is that Israel will respond.”

Iran launched more than 300 missiles, drones, and rockets at Israel over the weekend, in retaliation to an Israeli strike on April Fools Day on the Iranian consulate in Damascus. It killed two Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps generals and several other officers.

The Axios news site said yesterday the war cabinet also considered greenlighting a strike on Iran during a meeting Monday, but later decided against it, “for operational reasons.”

A strike on Iran before the end of Passover is now unlikely, a US official told ABC news.

The holiday lasts from Monday evening until April 30.

Egyptian officials claimed the US had accepted Israel’s plan for murder in the southern Gaza city of Rafah, in return for not striking Iran. Murdering civilians has always been the US’s favourite option, certainly easier than taking on Iran.

“The American administration showed acceptance of the plan previously presented by the occupation government regarding the military operation in Rafah, in exchange for not carrying out a large-scale attack against Iran,” an unidentified official told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed.

The Egyptian officials said Egypt was already preparing for any possible fallout of Isnotreal’s planned operation.

Isnotreal claims four Hamas battalions are stationed in Rafah along with over a million civilians sheltering there after fleeing Isnotreal’s massacres in other parts of the Strip.

Netanyahu has several times claimed to have approved plans for a Rafah operation. But the certain massacre faces strong international opposition, including from the US, over the inevitable high civilian death toll it will undoubtedly incur.

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