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An Eyewitness Interview – Dr Nick Maynard Exposes the Reality in Gazzah Hospitals

Dr Nick Maynard, a consultant surgeon who volunteered recently in Gaza, was interviewed this morning on Al-Jazeera.

The Al Jazeera Presenter asks the following questions followed by the answers in audio format by Dr Maynard.

Question 1:

You have described your trip to Gazzah back in January as the single worst experience in your 36 medical career. Can you tell us what you saw:

Answer (Audio):


Question 2:

What was the hardest part of your experience?


“[There were] appalling clinical injuries, mostly upon children and women. Terrible burns, traumatic wounds and no real room to deal with these tragic cases,” he said.


Question 3:

I believe you saw malnutrition cases back then?


Question 4:

You have been visiting Gazzah for many years to teach surgery, since 2010 I believe, what did you make of the state of the medical facilities in your latest visit?



Question 5:

Doctor, the Israeli narrative, when it comes to targeting hospitals is that they are targetting Hamas operatives who are hiding inside these hospitals. Given what you have seen, do you think the damage and the violence on the people of Gazzah in these hospitals is justified?



Pregnant Women and Newborn Babies 

Al Jazeera also reports, Dr Margaret Harris, a spokesperson for the World Health Organization (WHO), has said that increasing numbers of children in Gaza are on the “brink of death” from acute hunger.

“What doctors and medical staff are telling us is more and more they are seeing the effects of starvation; they’re seeing newborn babies simply dying because they [are] too low birth weight,” Harris told reporters in Geneva.

“Increasingly, we’re seeing children that are at the point, brink of death that need re-feeding,” she said.

Medical teams in Gaza have also been admitting increasing numbers of dangerously underweight pregnant women, she said, the kind of complications that happen “if you’re trying to carry a pregnancy and you lack the nutrition,” she said, adding that the hunger crisis in Gaza was purely a result of war and “entirely man-made”.

This leaves the reader with only one conclusion, this is not a war but a catastrophic genocide on innocent lives!

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