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Bibi stalling progress in peace talks – Resistance

Senior Palestinian Resistance sources say Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is deliberately disrupting ceasefire negotiations to ensure the Gaza genocide continues uninterrupted.

Israeli media are spreading disinformation about the talks as part of a larger narrative favouring Netanyahu’s immediate interests, the sources who asked to remain anonymous, said Monday.

Netanyahu is opposing any discussions that could result in a deal that guarantees disengagement from Gaza, a return of the displaced, and reconstruction.

Netanyahu only wants to protect his political future at the price of Palestinian lives, they said.

Some key details in the mediated negotiations between the Resistance and the occupation on Sunday reveal they’re working on a deal of three stages, where the details behind each stage will be negotiated separately.

The proposed truces would last between 40 and 45 days each, our sources confirmed.

A senior Hamas delegation arrived Cairo, Egypt, on Sunday to move the negotiation process forward.

The new proposals will hopefully “bridge the gap between Hamas and Israel,”. Egypt and Qatar are reportedly attempting to introduce different approaches to the talks, but they are encountering Israeli intransigence.

The Israelis have reportedly softened their approach to some issues, specifically returning forcibly displaced Palestinians and the number of prisoners in a possible exchange deal.

“Israel” has also agreed to the return of forcibly displaced Palestinians to their homes, but only women and children and those under 18 years old. Hamas has rejected this clause.

“Israel” still insists on maintaining a military presence in the Gaza Strip during the first stage.

No deal has been reached, but Hamas representatives are hopeful, with the Holy month of Ramadan approaching.

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