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Red faces in the Red Sea

Red faces in the Red Sea

In support of yet another genocide despite overwhelming international condemnation, Germany has sent ships to the Red Sea where their ineptitude has left seasoned sailors blushing.

German tabloid Bild reported that the radar systems of the frigate “Hessen” this week mistakenly identified a drone circling above it as hostile. So, it fired two missiles at it.

Fortunately for the US, both German interceptor missiles of the SM-2 type missed.

Due to “technical reasons”, they instead fell harmlessly into the sea that drowned Firoun.

The drone was later identified as a US MQ-9 Reaper drone.

Bild claimed the debacle illustrated the dire state of the German military under Defense Minister Boris Pistorius.

Spokesman for the German Ministry of Defense Michael Stempfle did not say which country the drone belonged to.

Stempfle pointed out that prior to the firing incident, the “Hessen” had inquired from its allies about the presence of their drones in the area. None reported drones in that area. But it was later revealed it was common for US combat drones to operate in the region, but their operations are not always related to those of the Red Sea.

Meanwhile, the sailors aboard the Hessen must be hoping they don’t get caught up in a major engagement. A critical portion of the ammunition needed for the frigate is no longer available for procurement, they learned after arriving in the Red Sea.

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