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US Right Wing calls for UN funds to go to Israel

Muhammad Amin

US politicians are fed up with their country’s growing isolation on the global stage as nations line up to condemn genocidal Israel at the ICJ. So much so, that top politicians are calling for the US to pull out of the United Nations.

It fought two world wars in the last century to establish the UN and to spawn the apartheid state in the heart of Arabia.

But now its isolation is being underlined every time it is the lone nation at the UN Security Council voting against a ceasefire in Gaza. The world knows the genocide would stop in an instant if the US put its foot down.

And they’re letting it be known at the International Court of Justice where they’ve demanded the court declare Israel’s occupation to be illegal and to order an immediate withdrawal. They’ve also roundly condemned the US-supported genocide in Gaza.

At a Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) event on Friday in Washington, US Representative Matt Gaetz urged the US to withdraw from the United Nations and to use the money it spends on the UN to fund “Israel’s” war in Gaza instead.

“We shouldn’t have any foreign aid to any other country without corresponding cuts to our own bloated federal budget … If you want to send aid to Israel, fine, pay for it by defunding the United Nations.”

“How about take the money away from the entity that had some of their own people attacking and killing Israelis?” he asked. “It seems like a good offset.”

“I want the UN to be zeroed out in our budget. The US should be out of the UN, and the UN should be out of the US.”

Political lines in America are threatening to split the country apart as the Democrats and Republicans increasingly savage each other in the house over issues on which they cannot agree.

Ukraine and the demonisation of Russia is a case in point. While many pundits see Ukraine as “Biden’s war”, supporters of presidential hopeful and convicted fraudster Donald Trump, see the Kiev carnage as a waste of taxpayers time and Ukrainian lives.

Gaetz noted that previous Ukraine aid packages are now “slushing around the money-laundering capitals of the world.”

Brushing aside Democrat outrage regarding the death of Russian activist Alexey Navalny in a Siberian penal colony, he recalled American journalist Gonzalo Lira also died in a Ukrainian prison.

While President Biden has expressed unwavering ties with the EU, Gaetz was contemptuous of Europe’s sensitivities: “What’s really left unsaid in this Ukraine aid debate is that Europe’s fecklessness is a direct result of them becoming national security welfare queens, largely at your expense”, he said, expressing a line Trump regularly rolls out – the EU needs to give more money to Nato’s defence budget.

The White House is furious at Republican lawmakers for failing to  approve a $95billion aid package for Ukraine.

It encompasses $60 billion designated for Ukraine, where military resources are quickly depleting and $14 billion to support “Israel” and US military activities across the Arabia.

Biden wants another $8 billion for Taiwan, as a means of deterring “Chinese aggression”.

US House Speaker Mike Johnson remains adamant the Republican-led chamber will not take up the bill. He’s demanding the bill include changes to US immigration policy.

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