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Alameen Templeton

Two US Congressmen John James and Jared Moskowitz have declared war against Africa’s warm embrace of Mzansi after the successful genocide interdict last month at the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

They have introduced a bill in the US House of Representatives seeking a review of America’s relationship with South Africa.

The US-South Africa Bilateral Relations Review Act seeks to rebalance the ties between the United States and South Africa, “given South Africa’s recent positioning and coordination with America’s adversaries”.

However, several analysts in Africa have suggested any US sanctions aginst the ICJ process is likely to backfire in Africa where most countries have unreservedly condemned Israel and the Gaza genocide.

Any sign the US was trying to coerce South Africa in any way was likely to increase the number of African countries turning to Russia and China as more reliable trading partners, the said.

“South Africa has been building ties to countries and actors that undermine America’s national security and threaten our way of life through its military and political cooperation with China and Russia and its support of US.-designated terrorist organization Hamas,” James said.

“Under this current administration, America has been put last, leaving our allies and partners beholden to dictators and despots in Beijing and Moscow for critical needs like energy.”

To protect the US, “we must examine our alliances and disentangle from those who remain willing to work with our adversaries”.

The duo claim South Africa has a history of siding with “malign actors” and that its support for Hamas goes back to 1994, because ANC South Africa has been “consistently accusing Israel of practicing apartheid”.

In an 84-page application before the ICJ, South Africa said Israel’s actions in Gaza were “genocidal in character because they are intended to bring about the destruction of a substantial part of the Palestinian national, racial and ethnic group”.

Israel rejected the filing, calling it “blood libel”.

The ICJ denied Israel’s request to throw out the case, mandating that Israel halt any possible acts of genocide and secure proof of such actions.

The court also ordered Israel to prevent genocide against Palestinians, penalise any encouragement of genocide, immediately facilitate the entry of humanitarian aid to Gaza, and provide a report within a month on steps taken to prevent genocide.

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