Responding to the Riots

Aggrieved pro-Zuma supporters rioted today. They looted and burnt dozens of businesses, blockaded roads, injured people, burnt down a Masjid, and even ransacked humanitarian warehouses. All the targets had nothing to do with Zuma’s incarceration, but were positive role players in the socio-economic development of SA.

Why didn’t the mob rather march to Estcourt and break Zuma out of prison, or target ANC strongholds responsible for their grievances? This is what sensible rioters would do, but in this instance, two parties have a grievance, but the civilian population must suffer. What absurdity!!

It seems rival political factions are only concerned about power, with no concern of the general populace. This is why businesses and civilians should organise themselves, and protect themselves from harm, and misguided politcal agendas. State resources, it seems, is there to protect state interests only, not the civilian population.

This is not the first act of lawlessness and nor will it be the last. The looters didn’t even bother covering their faces, and hundreds of them have been captured on camera, but will any of them be prosecuted? Who will compensate for the economic losses, which runs into billions of rands?

The planning should be long term. The SA government wants to outlaw legal weapons, but it can’t even protect its own citizens!! Never give up your legal weapons, whilst the thugs will be fully armed with illegal guns. Most importantly, DON’T BECOME A SCAPEGOAT OR A UNWITTING PARTICIPANT IN POLITICAL RIVALRY. YOU WILL JUST BE USED AND SPAT OUR WHEN THE WORK IS DONE.

Finally, looters and rioters look for easy and soft targets. Don’t be that target. Change the image and become fearful and intimidating. When news of marching reaches us, especially Muslims or Indians, let’s not shut our doors and barricade our shops in fear. Rather, gather in numbers, position yourselves strategically, arm yourself, and don’t be afraid. Put your plans in action for such an eventuality. Don’t be afraid to defend your properties, dignity and lives. If you die in the process, you die as a martyr (shaheed).

Lastly, many Muslims have a notion that our ongoing welfare work and charities will save us, but time and time again, this has been proven false. The looters looted these structures and businesses too. Continue with the charitable work, but in addition, prepare physically, strategically and boldly. Divert a big portion of our charities towards security. Musallis should guard the Masaajid, and business owners, their staff, and loyal customers should defend businesses.

The government has proven itself impotent on hundreds of occasions in terms of law enforcement and protection of its citizens, so mobilize strongly and don’t be sitting ducks. Work with the local SAPS, but be a huge force that they cannot dismiss.


Ml Khalid Dhorat

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