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Do You Love The Worldly Life?

The Question arises that can the claim be true of some that they don’t have any inclination to women or wealth or smart cars, beautiful orchards and homes

That claim in human beings is not true however there could be exceptional cases but as for what Quraan says:

Surah 3 – Aal-i-Imraan – Ayah 14

It has been made attractive for people the love of desires; that is, the women, the children, the hoarded heaps of gold and silver, the branded horses, the cattle and the tillage resort

From this we note these things have been naturally beautified for humankind but the trick and test is to work your entire life to turn this inclination away from that.

Apart from Prophets Who could be more pious than Yusuf Alaihis-salaam yet he says
Surah 12 – Yusuf – Ayah 53

“And I do not absolve my inner self of blame. Surely, man’s inner self often incites to evil, unless my Lord shows mercy. Certainly, my Lord is the Most-Forgiving, Very-Merciful.”

Therefore in the very first verse above in Surah Aal Imraan in the very same verse Allah Ta’laa is teaching us the cure and that is recitation of Quraan as Allah Ta’laa says

“That is an enjoyment of the worldly life. And with Allah lies the beauty of the final resort

Ultimate peace, satisfaction, dreams, desires is in the aakhirah ( Hereafter)

Then Your Creator ,Allah Ta’laa who knows you from you were absolutely not even thought of

Surah 76 – Al-Insaan – Ayah 1

There has come upon man a period of time in which he was nothing worth mentioning.

He knows you and I and is ever Watchful over us emphatically disinclines this nafs and understands fully that we need to be rejuvenated so we can activate our efforts accordingly

Instructs “Say! Shall I not inform you of what is better than that(The gold and the calls to fornication and love for the worldly life from the beginning verse at the top)

Surah 3 – Aal-i-Imraan – Ayah 15

Say: “Shall I tell you what is far better than that? For those who fear (Allah), there are with their Lord gar-dens beneath which rivers flow where they shall live for ever, and wives purified, and approval from Allah. And Allah is watchful over His servants”

What do you think?

Written by Abdullah


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