Ramadan is approaching

The divine blessings of Ramadan

Ramadan is approaching. It will bring down the nur and special attention of Allah Ta’ala. It is a time of forgiveness for all the sins of the Ummah. The generosity of the Absolutely Generous (Allah) will encompass all. Iman and good deeds will flourish. The curtailing of eating, drinking and relations will create the ability to abstain from sins. The doors of Jannah will be opened. Locks will be placed on the doors of Jahannam. Every night the announcement will be made of numerous sinners being freed from the fire of Jahannum.

Wisdom of Allah’s commands

The commands and practices that Allah Ta’ala sent to the world are for the reformation of the heart, through which the soul becomes illuminated, and humans become distinguished from animals.

This causes those who are not practicing begin to practice and individuals that have neglected Allah Ta’ala become Allah-conscious.

Humans are distinguished from the level of animals and attain angelic qualities. The poor will be taken care of. The destitute and orphans will be shown mercy. In short, humans will become adorned with the highest level of character and good qualities.

Duties of Ramadan

For these reasons, Allah Ta’ala made the fasting of Ramadan compulsory and standing in Salah at night, a sunnah. So that a believing slave can read or listen to the Quran in these nights [and have his soul purified]. At times, he is making sajdah in the court of Allah Ta’ala, sometimes performing ruk’u with dignity and respect, sometimes standing, warming the heart with the touching melody of the Quran. In Ramadan, one becomes the embodiment of

یذكرون الله قیاما وقعودا وعلى جنوبهم

‘They remember Allah standing, sitting and reclining’ (Surah Aalu ‘Imran, Ayah: 191)

In addition to reciting/listening to the Quran at night, one is guided to practice on the Quran in the day.

What to achieve and how to achieve it

[During this blessed month], Lower your gazes and keep your tongues silent except for good words. Abstain from fighting and quarreling. Don’t fulfil any demand of evil temptation or desires. Give sadaqah. Hurry in all works of good and do not refuse to fulfil your obligations. Stay away from all evils. In short, reform your character, appearance, action and conduct, and become an angel entirely. Such reformation of the inner and outer-self should be made that from head to toe, it becomes apparent that this is an individual of an Allah-conscious nation.

(Extracted from Basair wa ibar, vol. 2 pg. 407-408)

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