The Glorious Quraan

Haazaa Kalaamu Rabbi
This is the Speech of my Rabb Allaah.

The word and speech of Allaah. Clear message and easy to follow. No doubts in its text. Guidance for mankind.
Over 1400 yrs have past but still relevant today and upto Qiyaamah.
Allaah has promised to safeguard the Holy Quraan.
Have we recited Quraan today ?
The Quraan is for ourself and not for the shelf
Recite Quraan daily.
Best time to recite Quraan is at the time of Tahajjud
Ramadaan is the month of the Quraan
Make your homes flow with the Tilaawah / recitation of the Quraan like the buzzing of bees.
Love the Quraan. Hold it with a passion. Kiss it for it is a love letter from Allaah.
The beauty of the Quraan is that it will bring Sukkoon and Itminaan (tranquility and peace) in your lives.
Soon it will be Ramadaan so let us get into the groove of Tilaawah of Quraan.
May Allaah grant us the taufeeq.

Ml Ismail Raja

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