Signs Of Barakah In Your Life

Barakah is when your pay cheque stretches more than you ever imagined.
Barakah is when difficult times are bearable, knowing it will bring you closer to Allah.
Barakah is when good things happen unexpectedly and you’re eager to share the benefits.
Barakah is when you find yourself indifferent to shallow standards and are happy with your life.
Barakah is when the food in your home satisfies the family.
Barakah is when you don’t feel the urge to make more, spend more and accumulate more.
Barakah is when being with your loved ones fills
you with contentment.
Barakah is when you experience joy in the simplest of things.
Barakah is when your fears and worries no longer overwhelm you.
Be content with what you have.
There are many who don’t have what you have.
Say Alhamdu lillaah.

Moulana Ismail Raja

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